Nick Ramey Ceramics
Artist Bio

BFA from Indiana University and MFA from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Additional experience includes a study abroad program in China and one year as a special student at West Virginia University. Currently I am a Resident Artist at the Baltimore Clayworks.

Throughout my career in the field of ceramics, creating functional pottery has always been important. I believe that handmade pottery should be beautiful to look at, and equally important, should be comfortable to use on a daily basis. The aesthetic qualities and functionality should go hand and hand to make the piece truly successful. I like to think of my pottery as functional sculptures, which will keep the viewer coming back day after day, discovering something new each time. My work uses red earthenware clay along with underglazes, slips, ceramic decals, and metallic luster. The inspiration comes from both handmade and commercial ceramics, from the functional to the kitschy, and I am trying to create interesting juxtapositions between these different elements.